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  1. Hi! I want to establish a voice chat communication across multiple networks, I don’t know how to use RTPPROXy and SER for creating the environment and for communicatiion could you guide me how to setup the environment. in simple steps with comprehensive description.

    1. Hi,
      It would be difficult for me to help you without knowing your infrastructure and setup. Give me a network diagram or an idea how you would want to use the communication system and i can help accordingly.


  2. Hi,

    Nwebie here. I am having issue with multicast in RHEL 5.5.

    Multicast script from Oracle is failing on bond0 and bond2 for

    Test for Multicast address

    Jan 18 02:27:21 | Multicast Failed for bond0 using address
    Jan 18 02:27:51 | Multicast Failed for bond2 using address

    Everything looks good from server side.
    What should be my troubleshooting steps.



  3. Hi , I am a newbie here. how can you help me be a successful Linux System Administrator. I hate being a windows system admin, I need a change. Please help!

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