Installing Gluster FileSystem in Centos

Gluster file system is a highly scalable file system. Here i present a small tutorial on how to install Gluster file system.

yum install bison flex python-ctypes fuse fuse-libs fuse-devel


tar -zxvf glusterfs-3.3.0.tar.gz cd glusterfs-3.3.0 ./configure make make install

Once you finish installing the gluster file system you would have to probe the host. Remember that you have to do the installation on all nodes. Once you are done installation , probe all the other nodes. You don’t have to probe the host, that you are running commands from.

gluster peer probe create volume start volume

Once you have probed the hosts, you create a volume and start the volume , now you are ready to mount the filesystem to other hosts. Remember that there are various options and ways in which you can create volumes, like replication mode, geo replication mode etc..I am not covering that in this tutorial at this time.

mount -t glusterfs hostname:/cloudfs /mnt/cloudfs/

or you can mount with logging options :

mount -t glusterfs -o log-level=WARNING,log-file=/var/log/gluster.log hostname:/volumename /mnt/cloudfs

**You can also enable Quota on your file system. In order to Enable quota : **

gluster volume quota VOLNAME enable

**To Disable Quota : **

gluster volume quota VOLNAME disable

Setting or Replacing Disk Limit :

gluster volume quota VOLNAME limit-usage /directory


gluster volume quota test-volume limit-usage /data 10GB

Display Disk Limit Information :

gluster volume quota VOLNAME list

To Rsync files to the mount :

rsync -PavhS --xattrs --ignore-existing /data/remote_dir/ client:/mnt

Log Files :