Installing Mono Tools in Centos

Mono tools are the collection of libraries and framework , that make the possibility of using .net based applications and gui in linux. They are not available in the standard repositories, so we have to create a repo :

vi /etc/yum.repos.d/mono.repo

[mono] name = novell-mono baseurl= enabled=1 gpgcheck=0

Now Install the required components :

yum -y install mono-addon-core mono-addon-data mono-addon-web mono-addon-core yum -y install mono-addon-devel mono-addon-winforms mono-addon-wcf mono-addon-libgdiplus0 yum -y install mono-addon-data-sqlite mono-addon-extras<br></br>
Another Method is to use the winetricks:

chmod +x winetricks<br></br>
sh winetricks mono26```
`/opt/novell/bin/mono : is the path to mono.`  
 Installing Dot Net Framework 2.0 :

`winetricks dotnet20`

Install Core Fonts :

winetricks corefonts