Kamailio Errors and Solutions

FIFO stat failed: Bad address

I came across this error when trying to run fresh install of kamailio 3.3.3 via the init script. However, when I ran kamailio , it was running fine. So I thought there was something to do with the init script. After going through the init script I figured out that , it was trying to run as user / group kamailio. So the resolution was to add user kamailio

useradd kamailio

error when initilazing “uac.so”

This error seems to occur because of this setting :

modparam("rr", "append_fromtag", 0)

I changed the last 0 to 1 and everything was fine :

modparam("rr", "append_fromtag", 1)

tm:load_tm: Module not initialized yet, make
sure that all modules that need tm module are loaded after tm in the
configuration file

Load tm module before any other modules and that should fix the problem . tm module does not seem to have any dependencies so it should be safe to load tm module before any other modules.