Professional Objective

To lead, protect, secure and avail the technology and IT infrastructure of a company to ensure the high availability, security and integrity of business services, customer data and other critical infrastructure.


** **Excellent interpersonal and communication skills with hands on experience with more than 10 years of experience in the IT industry focusing on Linux Systems administration, Infrastructure architecture, security and deployment.

  • 5+ years of experience working in the Information Security including Operating Systems Security, Data security, Application Security and Services security.
  • Solid understanding of and experience with Amazon Web Services and various services offered by AWS such as CDN, S3 storage, Database services, EC2 computing Instances, Route 53 etc.
  • Knowledge and understanding of various Information security compliance requirements, regulations and frameworks such as FISMA, HIPAA, ITIL, ISO 27000, SarbanesOxley Act of 2002 (SOX), GrammLeachBliley Act, various NIST publications and Risk Management Framework.
  • Familiar with and good understanding of various cyber regulations such as Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA), Computer fraud and abuse act, CAN Spam act and various other US Cyber Regulations, Laws and compliance.
  • Knowledge and understanding of OWASP top 10 (Open Web Application Security Project) and the importance of the same in Web Application Security.
  • Experience leading the technology as well as IT infrastructure of a rapidly growing company and managing the technical support and customer service team.
  • Experience managing operations of rapidly growing organization.
  • Advanced knowledge of Linux and Linux like operating Systems, configuration and management of various services and security.
  • Sound knowledge and experience with various programming languages and scripting including but not limited to bash shell scripting, PHP, C, C++, Visual Basic, Visual Basic .NET, JQuery, Java Script, JAVA etc.
  • 8+ years of experience configuring, building and deploying various VoIP platforms and tools including KAMAILIO, Asterisk, Free PBX, Elastix, PSTN/GSM/TDM Gateways, VoIP ATAs and soft switches.
  • 8+years of experience managing and deploying various virtualization platforms such as VMware ESXi, VMware VCenter, VMware Vsphere, XEN Center, KVM, VMware workstation, Virtual box etc.
  • Experience building and deploying highly redundant and secure Linux based Infrastructure and network services such as Name Services (DNS, BIND), DHCP, Saba, SFTP, Apache, Nginx, and NFS etc.
  • Built and deployed Infrastructure monitoring and security tools with the ability to auto correct any issues and block any potential intrusions using open source tools such as MRTG, Nagios, Cacti, ZABBIX, OSSEC, Snort.
  • Excellent automation skills using tools such as Puppet as well as writing complex shell scripts to integrate and automate various repetitive tasks.
  • Knowledge and experience with various LAN and WAN technologies including EIGRP, VLANS, BGP, OSPF, NAT etc.
  • Sound understanding and experience configuring various firewalls including IPTABLES, pf, Firewalld, Cisco ACLs and other firewall hardware and software tools.
  • Installed, configured, administered and supported Cisco switches and routers.
  • Quality assurance and system testing, Configured, installed, and managed all network devices and application servers, including Microsoft software, Linux, Cisco routers, backup solutions, database products.
  • Designed and implemented redundant VoIP infrastructure with KAMAILIO (Open-Ser) and Asterisk integration with High Availability.
  • Supported, maintained monitored, diagnosed and repaired WAN infrastructure consisting of servers, gateways, firewalls, routers, switches and WAN links.
  • Built small android applications with SQLITE storage and PHP/JSON calls.
  • Provided system integration, network diagnosis, system automation, web application development and configuration and then recommended solutions to fit the organizations’ requirement.
  • Experience in Linux SERVER installation and configuration, upgrade, designing logical/physical architecture, Performance Tuning, Backup and Recovery, Security and auditing.


  • Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP, May 2016)
  • **Red hat Certified Engineer – **(RHCE, March 2006, RHEL 4, Certification No: 804006555519307)
  • Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH, May 2013)
  • Certified Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI, June 2013)
  • **GIAC ISO27000 Specialist (GIAC, July 2013) **
  • Cisco Certified Entry Network Technician (CCENT, May 2013)

Technical Skill Summary

**Operating System** Windows Servers, Debian Linux, Red Hat Linux, Centos, Fedora Core.
**Applications** Putty, Ethereal, Wire shark, Ngrep, Tcpdump, MS Office, Nagios, Monit,Mrtg,Cacti, Sugar/ Tiger CRM, Free PBX, Elastix, Nagvis etc.
**Network and System Tools** Network Diagnostic tools, Tracert, nslookup, Bandwidth Monitor, IP filter, System Monitor tools, **MRTG**, **Nagios**, **Cacti**, **Zabbix**,  rsync, RDP tools, VNC Server/client, TeamViewer, Management console, Scheduler, Network Optimizer, Security tools etc.
**System Administration** ** DNS, DHCP, NFS, NIS, QMAIL, SENDMAIL, Postfix, FTP, Apache,Nginx, Samba, **Active Directory Management, DNS, DHCP, RDC, POP, SMTP, Security/Group Policies, Disk MGMT etc.
**Systems Security** ** IPTABLES, Firewalld, OSSEC, SNORT**
**Networking** Simple LAN Segmented LANs, WAN, WLAN, P2P Wireless Networks, Layer 2 and Layer 3 Networks, **VLANs, OSPF, IGRP, EIGRP, BGP, Voice Over IP** services.
**Programming** ** C, C++, Visual Basic, PHP, Code igniter Framework, Java, Ajax, Java Scripts, J Query, CGI Scripts, Linux shell scripting, Basic Android Programming**.
**Voice Over IP** Various Soft switches and VoIP routing, Sound knowledge of **VoIP Switch, MERA Transit VoIP Switch, Asterisk, Kamailio and Open Ser**, customization, automation and configuration and installation of ATAs.
**Database** ** My SQL, MSSQL**, My SQL GUI Tools, MS SQL Management Studio, PL/SQL, Heidi SQL etc.
**High Availability** ** DNS Load balancing, Failover, CARP protocol, Heartbeat, Apache Round Robin etc.**
**Cloud Technologies** ** Amazon Web services, S3, CDN, Route 53, RDS etc.**
**Information Security** ** FISMA**, **HIPAA**, **ITIL**, **ISO 27000**, **Sarbanes**–**Oxley Act** of 2002 (**SOX**), **Gramm**–**Leach**–**Bliley Act, **various** NIST **publications and Risk Management Framework**, ECPA, Computer Fraud and Abuse Act etc.**
**Professional Experience**

XYZ Inc                                                                     Feb 2014 ~ Present

Chief Information Officer

XYZ Inc is one of the fastest growing IT companies in the Gulf Coast region. XYZ Inc is a leading global provider of collaborative online meetings, webinars, online trainings and live event webcasting solutions.

  • Participation and execution of various high level decisions making for the growth of the company as well as selection, adoption, expansion and scaling of the company’s IT Infrastructure.
  • Participate and supervise the recruitment of top talents for the company’s IT team, primarily infrastructure and technical support.
  • Developed strategies and specific plans for hiring and training.
  • Worked closely with the application development and engineering team to ensure application security best practices are followed and provided assistance in application deployment at times.
  • Provide mentor ship, guidance and supervision to employees at various levels.
  • Explore, select and implement new technologies to keep up the company’s infrastructure and information security with emerging threats and needs.
  • Formulation and enforcement of the company’s Information Security policies, requirements and guidance to employees at all levels.
  • Managed the day-to-day operations of the information technology department including directing staff, who support administrative computing, networking, user services, telecommunications and other information technology functions.
  • Managed and ensured the security of internal as well as customer data and information both in transit and at rest**.**
  • Explored and Performed vendor contract negotiations for all new technology equipment, servers and software purchased for the company.
  • Implemented layered security to the infrastructure components and enforced least privilege principle to adhere to higher information security standards.
  • Management of Internal productivity systems as well as all the customer facing technology and infrastructure.
  • Verified, monitored and tested the backup and restore systems, and failover mechanisms at regular intervals.
  • Ensured timely application of system upgrades, patches and other fine tuning to protect the infrastructure from Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures** (CVEs)**.
  • Regularly participated in various information security forums and exploit databases to keep abreast of any new vulnerabilities and exploits in the industry.
  • Developed, maintained, and implemented highly stable, redundant, secure, rock solid and integrated IT architecture.
  • Updated with latest technologies, trends and Information Security trends to ensure maximum security to the infrastructure, servers, and data at rest as well as data in motion.
  • Implemented cloud technologies to existing infrastructure to ease up scaling and availability of critical infrastructure.

** XYZ Inc.**                                                                    July 2011 ~ Feb 2014

**Sr. Infrastructure Engineer   **

*** ***ABC INC. is one of the fastest growing IT companies in the Gulf Coast region. XYZ Inc is a leading global provider of collaborative online meetings, webinars, online training and live event webcasting solutions.

  • Responsible for monitoring, troubleshooting and managing daily operations on variety of network services and servers like DNS, Postfix, FTP, Samba, MYSQL and Apache.
  • Integrated various Linux servers with windows based applications and configured servers for any new services to be deployed.
  • Automated various system administration tasks using shell scripts.
  • Monitored any break in attempts, server health and ensured high availability of services.
  • Installed, configured and managed Citrix Xen Servers in the Production Environment.
  • Reduced the cost of physical hardware by 50% by implementing optimal virtualized environment.
  • Detected and cleaned root kits and other hidden back doors and ensured server security.
  • Greatly enhanced and improved the availability of servers and services by tuning configurations, security policy and optimal automated monitoring scripts in place.
  • Implemented various shell scripts to receive notification and block any potential intrusions to the servers.
  • Tested and ensured all fail over mechanisms in place were there in case of any fail-overs.
  • Enhanced fail-over mechanisms for smooth transition.
  • Implemented master-master replication between database servers.
  • Built, Configured and created documentation for building production ready servers from scratch.
  • Automated the process of service configuration on newly built servers by means of shell scripts.
  • Created a difference in the infrastructure department by enhancing the existing systems, building new systems and creating a better documentation and scripts for automation.
  • Implemented Nagios for monitoring network and services with self-healing and self-fail-over.** 

ABC Internet Service Provider                                                           November 2009 ~ July 2011

***System Administrator    ***

*** ***ABC ISP is a business class wireless internet service provider with services including co-location, hosted servers, web hosting, business and residential telephony services, virtual private networks and security solutions to business and residential customers in the phoenix valley utilizing Motorola Canopy and Y-Max equipment to distribute its services around the phoenix valley.

*** ***Responsible for monitoring, troubleshooting and managing daily operations on variety of network services and servers like DNS, QMAIL, FTP, Samba, VLANs, Cisco Access Lists, Apache with CPanel and Web Host Manager.

  • Integrated various Linux servers with windows based applications and configured servers for any new services to be deployed.
  • Automated various system administration tasks using shell scripts.
  • Monitored any break in attempts, server health and ensured high availability of services.
  • Configured and Deployed DHCP Server with integration to windows based billing application “Platypus”. Used shell scripting to create shell scripts to automatically provision DHCP clients based on billing application entry.
  • Configured and Deployed DNS server with Master stealth DNS server and Slave DNS servers with multiple views and TSIG.
  • Provided quick fix for any issues in day to day operations of services.
  • Closely worked with support team to provide smooth and instant fixes for any client issues.
  • Built and configured centralized visual monitoring system using nagios, snmp and nagvis for visually monitoring the infrastructure and backbone.
  • Implemented Shell Scripts to populate DNS Zones, records and modify them from windows based client management application.
  • Configured and deployed Billing Solution for Asterisk Based VoIP System.
  • Configured and deployed robust **VoIP Infrastructure using KAMAILIO with asterisk integration, High Availability, flood detection and built a PHP/AJAX based web interface **for management.
  • Installed, configured and managed VMware ESX Server in the Production Environment.
  • Administered EMC SAN

**IP Solutions Private limited  ****                                           **Jan 2008 – July 2008

Systems Administrator

** **IP Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a national leader in enterprise communications systems, applications, and services in Nepal. In this project, major responsibility was to maintain system and network by monitoring system on a daily basis. Managing active directory users and computers, troubleshooting network and system errors, documenting logs are the major highlights of this project and provide support and consultancy to national as well as international businesses.

  • Managed and built the network and System infrastructure.
  • Managed local-area networks (LAN), wide-area networks (WAN), network segments, and Internet and intranet systems.
  • Maintained Network efficiency. Routine backup and recovery.
  • Demonstrated network security knowledge to secure the infrastructure.
  • Demonstrated advanced knowledge of various network services in Linux Environment.
  • Utilized Strong familiarity and experience with **VMWare ESX server **to minimize the cost of hardware.
  • Experienced with database administration on SQL Server 2000/2005 & MySQL.
  • Flexibly worked in a 24/7/365 environment.
  • Demonstrated ability to work independently under little guidance and working in a team environment that operates in a dynamic high-stress environment.
  • Maintained network hardware and software, **analyze problems, and monitor networks to ensure **high availability.
  • Used 3rd Party Networking and performance monitoring tools like **Bandwidth Monitoring, Performance Monitoring and System Monitoring. **
  • Designed and Implemented Security for a Red hat Linux & Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Network.
  • Used Remote Desktop support tools to actively monitoring Servers and workstations.
  • Windows Server and Database Administration and Upgrades.
  • Backup Job Administration, File and Directory Restores from Backup Server System Upgrades, Migrations, Backups and Recoveries.
  • Active Directory Server and Security.
  • Experienced in Using Surf Control, Tripwire, Firewall, Internet Proxy, and all security systems support, maintenance and administration.
  • Patch and Upgrade Management for Servers and Workstations.
  • Group Policy Development and Administration and support.
  • Experienced in file system security, registry settings local policies, Domain Policies, and operating systems services.**

Red Chariot private limited                                              Sep ‘06- Dec ‘07

IT Manager

** **Red Chariot is a growing Business outsourcing solutions providers in Nepal. The major highlight of the company was to provide solutions for US based companies with their server setup, troubleshooting and monitoring. It is a contact center as well. Their major clients were VoIP and telecommunications and Software development companies in the United States.


  • Maintain, monitor and ensure high availability of the contact center dialer servers, workstations for use.
  • Monitored, Supervised and guided a team of IT staffs for high productivity and efficient jobs.
  • Designed and configured the whole contact centers VoIP and Data network and Security.
  • Planning and Maintaining a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Network Infrastructure.
  • Administered Windows 2000/2003 servers and applied hot fixes as necessary according to specifications.
  • Experienced in file system security, registry settings local policies, Domain Policies, and operating systems services.
  • Internet Access control to user agents based on groups with use of Linux Squid Proxy Server.
  • Configure Backup, Restore and Troubleshooting of Cisco Routers, Dialers.
  • Showed extra ordinary performance on maintenance, configuring and troubleshooting various application servers like Mail Servers, Proxy Servers and DHCP servers.
  • Document and maintain existing server and backup documentation and produce additional procedures as necessary to enhance the efficiency, accuracy and reliability of server and data backup and restores for company clients.
  • Secured Servers by disabling all the unwanted user access, service and protocols.
    Installation, configuration and maintenance of servers through remote login and security patches.
  • Installation, configuration and maintenance of Active Directory, including monitoring of replication among domain controllers, management of FSMO roles, and the use of Group Policies to manage servers and client workstations (mostly Windows XP) and System Administration.
  • Used Active Directory Replication Monitor, Replmon.exe, DC Diag, and Repadmin.exe for monitoring the relative health of an Active Directory forest. The operations replsummary, showrepl, showrepl /csv, and showvector /latency used to check for replication problems. Maintained Active Directory database.

Subisu Cable NET, Nepal

System/ Support Engineer

Subisu Cable Net is an Internet Service Provider that specializes in providing High Speed Cable Internet and fiber optic intranet services. Cable Internet implemented through Coaxial cable in DOCSIS 2.0 standard.

  • Worked as a systems support and network engineer in the headquarters.
  • Configured, installed, and managed all network devices and application servers, including Microsoft software, Linux, Cisco routers, backup solutions, database products.
  • Work with VLAN, BGP, and OSPF in the Wide area network environment, backbone being fiber connectivity.
  • Installed, configured and supported application servers and rack mount servers.
  • Installed, configured and maintained SQL 2000 server.
  • Installed, configured and maintained Virtual Machines in the test environment and installed different OS and applications for testing.
  • Documented and executed testing for implementation of major platform upgrades and enhanced customer services.
  • Performed diagnosis and repair of platform hardware and software as escalated from network operations.
  • Identified, diagnosed and resolved hardware and software problems with the vendor’s support staff.
  • Monitor network activity, lockdown unwanted activities, SPAMs.
  • Manually scanned each log for completion and manually copied any files to ensure quality and complete data backup which were not captured during the process.
  • Used performance monitoring tools to monitor system performance.
  • Visited and worked with client to troubleshoot and fix any issues with their infrastructure in conjunction with our backbone connectivity**.**

World Link Communications

Support Engineer

World Link communications is one of the largest internet and VoIP telephony providers in Nepal. They also specialize in application software development and technical assistance to various businesses nationwide.

  • On Site installations of wireless access points and bridges.
  • Installation of Windows NT 4 server and windows 2000 servers.
  • Installation, configuration and support of Operating System and application servers.
  • Network monitoring and reporting.
  • Performed, optimized and tuned network performance.
  • Cabled (Straight Through) and networked all computers on CAT5 UTP cable.
  • Cabled (Crossover) to connect one switch to another switch to extend the network.
  • Provided DNS and user support. Debugged applications/systems interface, Primary vendor interface.
  • Provided Telephone support to end users to solve their problems.
  • Installed and provided support for Internet Information Server 4.0 (IIS).
  • Performed migration from NT to 2000 Servers in the Active Directory environment.
  • Interfaced with end-users and other sections for technical consultation and problem resolution**.****

Achievements & awards:

  • Amateur Invention Award** by Nepal Academy of Science and Technology.**
  • Publications in national newspapers and television channels for designing SMS based appliance control system.

Freelancing and Consulting

Web Development, Infrastructure Setup and Network Services Management

  • Worked as a consultant for A telemarketing Company “Web Park Nepal Pvt. Ltd. “ and designed and implemented self customized predictive dialer, voice network with more than 80 Agent seats for telemarketing.
  • Implemented SMS Based Appliance Control System at Web Park Nepal Pvt. Ltd.
  • Designed and implemented **asterisk based IP PBX and IVR systems, Complete Prepaid calling cards Platform, Mail Server, Web hosting server and Web application with CRM and Customer Portal **for A2 Communications Ltd.
  • Configured and Deployed Web Hosting Services and VoIP Platform for Giga net Communications Ltd.
  • Provided infrastructure support, Server security consulting and penetration testing to various customers in a freelancing basis.

Academic Qualifications

MS in Information Security and Assurance

Western Governors University, Salt Lake City, Utah


References are available upon request.