Shell Script to Create and Grant Privilege to a new user

!/bin/bash #Script to Create a user and assign privilege to a MySQL Database read  -p  "Please Enter Database Name:" dbname mysql -Bse "USE $dbname" 2> /dev/null if [ $? -eq 0 ]; then         read -p "Please enter the  username you wish to create : " username         read -p "Please Enter Host To Allow Access Eg: %,ip or hostname : " host         read -p "Please Enter the Password for New User ($username) : " password         query="GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON $dbname.* TO $username@'$host' IDENTIFIED BY '$password'";         read -p "Executing Query : $query , Please Confirm (y/n) : " confirm         if [ "$confirm" == 'y' ]; then                 mysql -e "$query"                 mysql -e "flush privileges"         else                 read -p "Aborted, Press any key to continue.."         fi else         echo "The Database: $dbname doesnot exist, please specify a database that exists"; fi