Terminating a windows process with a Batch File

You might come acrosss a situation where you would want to terminate a process with a batch file. Below is a sample script to do so.

@ echo off REM Sample Script to look for a process and kill another process if earlier process is not running REM Error level 1 means application is not running set findProcess=NOTEPAD.EXE set killProcess=NOTEPAD++.EXE tasklist /FI "IMAGENAME eq %findProcess%" | FINDSTR "%findProcess%" if ERRORLEVEL 1 ( echo "%findProcess% Application is Not Running,Looking for %killProcess%" tasklist /FI "IMAGENAME eq %killProcess%" | FINDSTR "%killProces%" if ERRORLEVEL 1 ( echo "%killProcess% is not Running, So Quitting Now!" ) else ( echo "%killProcess% is running, killing it now" taskkill /F /IM %killProcess% ) ) else ( echo "Application is running, not doing anything" )